yAxis Project



Who is on the yAxis team?

  • @Bobby – team lead
  • @dogperrokukur – social media manager
  • @MrMister – marketing and community manager
  • @transferAndCall – Solidity developer
  • @getgouda – front-end developer
  • @Vinrock – UI/UX designer

Why has the team decided to stay anonymous?

They have remained anonymous to prevent issues from arising with their current employers and other projects they're involved in.


What is YAXIS?

The YAXIS token serves as the governance token of the yAxis DAO. Stakers play the role of a decentralised portfolio manager. This earns them a percentage of the yield farming profits from the vaults.

What is the supply of YAXIS?

A maximum of 1 million YAXIS tokens was generated through the initial token swap from YAX. The supply will rise to a cap of 11 million over the course of a year, with the vast majority of the tokens being mined for community distribution. The current circulating supply can be found on our analytics dashboard.

Where do I buy YAXIS?

The YAXIS token is available on Uniswap.
How to buy YAXIS on Uniswap

How do I stake my YAXIS?

Instructions for staking YAXIS can found here.

How do I provide liquidity?

Instructions for providing liquidity and staking LP tokens can be found here.

How do I participate in the token swap from YAX to YAXIS?

Instructions for exchanging YAX to YAXIS can be found here.

Why is there a difference in price between YAX and YAXIS?

The YAX/ETH LP has lower liquidity than the YAXIS/ETH LP, leading to a volatile price. YAX should be worth as much or almost as much as YAXIS when the market reaches equilibrium, since YAX can always be swapped to YAXIS at a 1:1 ratio via our website.

Which wallets are supported?

  • MetaMask
  • Trust
  • Argent
  • Status
  • Coinbase
  • Fortmatic
  • Lattice
  • Frame
  • Authereum
  • Magic
  • Portis
  • Torus
  • Ledger
  • Trezor
How to add YAX to MetaMask


How can I participate in governance?

Simply holding the YAXIS token is enough to participate in governance. Votes are held on Snapshot and announced in advance on social media channels like Discord, Telegran, and Twitter.

How is my voting power determined?

Your voting power is calculated by taking the square root of the sum of all the YAXIS in your possession. For example, a user with 40 YAXIS in their wallet and 60 YAXIS staked in the app has √(40+60)=10 voting power.


Is it safe to invest money into the vaults?

yAxis vaults were designed with security as a top priority. The MetaVault has been audited by two independent firms. Audits do not nullify smart contract risk, however. Before making a deposit, research and understand the risks involved.

How do I start earning YAXIS rewards with my MetaVault deposit?

After depositing into the MetaVault, you must also stake the MVLT tokens you receive to begin earning YAXIS rewards from emissions. Instructions can be found here.

Will yAxis be available on any other blockchain networks or layer 2 solutions?

We're closely monitoring DeFi protocols on Layer 2 and other networks. Cross-chain and Layer 2 deployment is planned for future Eras, when these protocols have sufficiently matured.

How do I qualify for the Great Harvest?

Details on Great Harvest eligibility can be found here.
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