yAxis Project
Vaults are the cornerstone of yAxis' ecosystem. They allow users to earn interest on their assets without having to spend excessive time or money on searching for and managing yield farming opportunities. Deposited assets then generate revenue for YAXIS stakers, who manage funds in return for a share of the profits.

Meta-yield Aggregation

yAxis vaults sit on an abstract layer on top of the DeFi stack, which allows the DAO to freely switch between yield farming opportunities. This takes the difficulty of having to choose between strategies away from investors—they can simply deposit a held asset into its designated vault to begin earning.
On the other side of the desk, all capital held in vaults is directed by stakers of the YAXIS token. They essentially act as a decentralised portfolio manager, signalling which strategies to add or remove and switching the allocation of funds on behalf of users.

Product Versions

During Era 1, yAxis offers its users a single vault known as the MetaVault. This vault only accepts stablecoin deposits in the form of 3CRV. Canonical Vaults are planned to herald the start of Era 2. These will ultimately allow users to deposit any ERC-20 token that can be leveraged into stablecoins.