yAxis Project
yAxis has developed 7 strategies that will be deployed in the near future: Curve, Pickle, dYdX, Idle, Stabilize, Yearn, Flamincome.

Available today


yAxis recently integrated yearn v2 USDC and DAI strategies with YIP-10. Both deposit to Yearn's vaults just as any user would, and benefit from Yearn's APY boost without the need for harvesting. Yearn subsequently farms the Curve 3pool on both the DAI and USDC vaults.


The Curve strategy deposits stablecoins into the Curve 3pool to farm trading fees and harvest CRV rewards. As it's the current overflow strategy, excess funds will be directed here once all other strategies have filled their caps.
Many other strategies will be deployed and developed throughout the Era.

Last modified 7mo ago
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