yAxis Project
Emission Schedule
The YAX token had a maximum supply of 1 million tokens. YAXIS starts with a circulating supply of up to 1 million coming from YAX holders that participate in the token swap. It otherwise has a 'fair start' launch of this new distribution phase.
YAXIS emissions last for at least 1 year, with each allocation being fairly mined over time. The total supply of YAXIS will be capped at 11 million. The current circulating supply can be found on our analytics dashboard.
Distribution of YAXIS emissions

Distribution breakdown

The year after the token swap is divided into 4 eras. Vault rewards will be constant throughout to provide stability and assurance for depositors. Staking rewards will increase in line with inflation over time.
The flexible budget allows the DAO to top up any area of the ecosystem that needs boosting. It also enables us to extend emissions past the first year. Team tokens are mined over time, as are funds for the Champions Programme and development.
Amount of Emissions
1,000,000 (9.1%)
4,000,000 (36.3%)
4,000,000 (36.3%)
800,000 (7.3%)
500,000 (4.5%)
400,000 (3.6%)
300,000 (2.7%)
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